Advice for moms on how to control what triggers their anger

Have you given time to think why there you have good days while at times everything seems to go wrong?

You might not have given much though of what triggers you to have a bad mood. While this is completely normal and a big part of parenthood, acknowledging what stresses/triggers can help you immensely to angers us to at least lessen this kind of emotion. Surely it’s not only you who feels bad about being bad but the people around you (your kids and hubby) too.

Time to access…

Do you feel you’re always lack of time in accomplishing your tasks? 

-This can be resolved but better time management.

Do you feel you’re lacking sleep/rest? 

-First of all, who doesn’t! haha.. But then, again, with proper time management and more organisation around your home, you can actually have enough rest/sleep you need.

Does your anger get triggered with tantrums/screaming/crying?

-Welcome to parenthood! While babies can be excused as its totally difficult to communicate with them, children aged 2 and above who already starts to have the ability to thought how to communicate could be easier. Learn some tricks on how they could get from you what you want and you giving it without reaching the point of frustration on both sides. Develop some rules and soon you’ll have a peaceful loving home.

Do you feel you fail as a parent?

-Mom guilt is one common feeling mothers go through with their growing child. Not to worry though as this is a good thing. It means you acknowledge the feeling and not just keep within yourself. You’re just in need of a bit of mind tweaking (as I always say) or better known as change of mindset. Don’t you feel guilty because you know you’re doing your best already? So why feel guilty of something when you know you’ve given your best already? Relax mommy, you’re human.

Feeling everyone is judging you – Others expectations

-Being pulled on different directions and expected to be on top of their game in their career may it be as a homemaker, corporate job or profession. Isn’t it just too much to expect from a human? I know some can do this (those are the exceptional ones) but talking about the majority of human beings…hello!!! 

What triggers your anger the most as a parent? Have you tried to resolve it or you just brush it off and take it as part of parenthood?

I’d love to hear from you so share your comments below!



4 thoughts on “Advice for moms on how to control what triggers their anger

  1. Lovely article. I guess as long as we consciously acknowledge our feelings and recognise the triggers of anger, it’s possible to control them. For me, unclean rooms is a trigger.

  2. This is beautifully written and soft way to connect to correcting ones anger namely mums. Thank you for the guidance and advice.

  3. This is such an amazing topic, that you have chosen, many moms, face this issue, your blog will be helpful to many parents out there.

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