Absolutely 5 IKEA items everyone’s dollar is worth buying

Absolutely 5 IKEA items everyone’s dollar is worth buying

    Doesn’t a trip to IKEA excites you? Who wouldn’t?! It’s a warehouse full of dreamy rooms wherein somehow everyone’s cup of tea is ticked off, no matter what gender or occupation you have. There’s always something you’ll want to put on that cart and bring home.

    Truly, if you’re starting a home, IKEA is a place to pick out affordable stuff to fill you house and make it a home. Not everyone though is getting a new place though but still feel the need to go for an IKEA run. If you’re like the majority of the people who comes to get just a chair and comes out with an overflowing recyclable blue bag with much things you discover you don’t really need when you get home, then that’s a problem.

    Not only do you spend money on things you don’t really need which can hurt your finances but you fill your home with junk that you don’t necessarily need. Not judging here, I also do the same at times! This blog isn’t to shame ourselves but help make better decision before our next trip to IKEA. Here’s a list of things worth buying from IKEA, things that you can use often at home and still let you go for that once in a while trip to feed your eyes with IKEA goodness!

    Resealable bags

    photo from IKEA website

    I know most people are finding ways to live with sustainable items around their homes. Let’s just say this is my/our family’s attempt to help mother earth too…by reusing plastic.=)

    I’ve always been a fan of these resealable bags as not only is the price a steal! C’mon! Where can you get 50 pcs of good quality bags you can use over and over. With a box containing 2 sizes, 25 big bags which I usually use as freezer bags (yes, they do work great as freezer bags) and 25 small bags which I usually use as a sandwich bag or snack bag for the kids whenever we go out. It’s just so handy and small that I keep it back in my bag for next adventure’s usage.

    Tea Towels

    photo from IKEA website

    If you’re not aware, we live in Asia, specifically Singapore. It may be one of the first world countries having a dishwasher in every household is still far from happening. Perhaps because having a helper is also part of the culture here so why have a dishwasher (machine) do the dishes when there’s someone who can do it.

    Anyways, drying dishes minutes after it has been washed (let the water drip out first) then put back in the cupboard has been one of the tasks I share with my sisters. Doing this every after meal especially after dinner brings back lots of memories. Me and my sisters talking about nonsense things siblings do and passing dried plates and the other putting it neatly in the cupboard. haha.

    Now that I have my own family, I’m still drying dishes for now since my daughters are still too young hold wet plates and we might just end up having more broken plates in a month than dried ones. These tea towels are my go-to as they are absorbent, light, easy to dry afterwards. Basically everything I need for a drying towel just as what my mom let us use when I was still young.


    photo from IKEA website

    As you might have noticed, we’re a frugal living family. We’re always on a look-out for things that we use often and can get it for a good price. So for our family who have kids and lots of toys that has batteries, finding this is a gem. These batteries does a great job and surprisingly lasts longer than expected.


    photo from IKEA website

    If you’re looking for a decent dinnerware set but don’t have the budget to splurge for some Corelle yet, IKEA got you covered. The Oftast collection comes in different sizes from a 11cm rice bowl, 15cm bowl, 19cm side plate, 20cm deep plate and a 25cm plate which is at $0.90 each. There’s also a 23cm serving bowl which is at $1.90 each.

    What I love about this is that it is sold individually. You won’t be compelled to pay for a bunch of plates that you won’t be using anyways because there isn’t much people in your household. You can buy (and pay) only the ones you need.

    Aside from being budget friendly, I can assure you that its quality isn’t that bad either. We’ve had a couple of slipping mishaps and most of the time doesn’t make a chip on any of it. (crossing fingers now that our plates won’t give up on us)

    Cookware set

    photo from IKEA website

    This cookware set I think is one of the most bought item in IKEA especially for people who just had a new place. Whether newlyweds or newly migrated, this budget friendly cookware everyone’s go-to. Not only because of its cheap price but it has every pot you need for everyday cooking (minus the frying pan). It’s quality can last for quite sometime too.

    So there you have it, 5 items you shouldn’t miss when you visit IKEA. The first 3 items are what I usually buy whenever we go to IKEA (every 3 months or so) and the last 2 items are just a must-haves. All of them are of good price and quality that i’ve been personally using for in our household.

    If you feel hungry in the middle of your window shopping, make sure to visit the IKEA restaurant where you can try their famous meatballs (I personally ain’t a fan.haha) and what I’m so in love with…their cheese tarts! Oh goodness! I’m craving right now!

    Or if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a sit-down meal, drop by their Bistro where you can get $1.00 hotdog (also have Veggie hotdog at the same price) and their soft serve soya ice cream for only $0.50 which you get to make yourself. Well, technically just put the cone on the machine, drop your coin and watch your ice cream bring into life in front of you. The kids love it! haha…Okay, me too! Who doesn’t?!

    Just a quick question before this blog ends. How often do you visit IKEA and what do you usually buy whenever you go there. I’m pretty sure most of you guys have been there more than 3 times…don’t lie!

    Hope you find this helpful!



    Doesn’t a trip to IKEA excites you? Who wouldn’t?! It’s a warehouse full of dreamy rooms wherein somehow everyone’s cup of tea is ticked off, no matter what gender or occupation you have. There’s always something you’ll want to put on that cart and bring home. Truly, if you’re starting a home, IKEA is a…


    1. The cookware set looks like a good pick! I am gonna buy it the next time I visit Ikea. I adore their range of home decor options too!

    2. I just love your inputs. Yes, I also land up spending a lot of time and money on things that may not look so attractive once I reach home, but I will keep in mind your list when I go next. IKEA is the best place to buy this everyday stuff and a must-go every 3 months.

    3. I’m with you here! I love going to IKEA and when I was shopping for items for my new house, ikea was my go to place. We probably go there more often than is necessary!

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