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Maintain a Positive Mindset as a Mother on bad days

Being optimistic in life can be challenging, be a mom and your life can be tougher. Good thing bad days doesn’t lasts long. Sleep in and the next day can be a better one.

Despite that truth, we still can’t deny that going through that bad day can still be frustrating. It may come only from time to time but ain’t it better if we know how to address this situation better?

What can you do when days where you just ran out of patience and all you want to do is yell at everyone? Here’s some tip on not to dwell on those bad days and instead just make a few changes in order to move on and make it the best of the rest of the day left.

  1. Go for a breather. By going out of the room and removing yourself from the situation (go to another room, bathroom or closet) for a 5 minutes, you get to clear your mind and think better. Composing yourself again before letting out that frustration get worst into a meltdown is essential especially if you’re dealing with your children.

Not only are you able to show them a good example on how to deal with things, you also did well for yourself in holding your emotions. You can’t always control the things around you but how you react is always a decision for you to make. Sometimes this can be the make of break situation. Make your day better or break it, get it?

2. Deep breathes. It may seem useless since you know you’re already breathing (hello!) but it helps! Trust me! My daughter learned this technique from school which she later on shared with me. Hold up your hand with 5 fingers out. Slowly trace the starting from your pinky finger until you reach your thumb. Inhale every time you go up and exhale on your way down. Have you tried it while reading this? Isn’t that relaxing?!

3. Pray and Meditate. Nothing beats praying intimately. By doing this, you encourage yourself to hope and your doubts vanish. In times when you feel like you’ve already given our your very best yet things still don’t go how you want it to be, just pray leave it to God. Believe and you shall receive.

4. Reassess the situation. Have an open mind to look again at the situation and see it in a different angle. You might be pushing too hard on the wrong side of the box that’s why you aren’t getting the outcome you’ve been wanting. Always remember that if it’s a problem, there’s always a solution. At times, we confuse ourselves to thinking that it is a problem when all the while it isn’t. How on earth would you be able to come up with a solution with that?!

5. See the good on things. Ever wonder why some days your day goes so smoothly while others felt like you just want to go back to sleep and wake-up the next day so you wouldn’t need to deal with things and everything will just be over? Blame it in your mindset! Everything in front of you no matter how bad it may look like would always have a good in it.

Focus on the good things and you’ll see how everything you do in your day follows.

6. Be easy on yourself, you’re human. As a mom, we always try to be perfect and be a superhero while all the while, we’re already a “super+human”. This means that while we are capable of doing a lot of things, we also need to accept that we are human and we can get tired. Being too hard on yourself won’t give you any good.

Relax and enjoy what matters truly when it comes to motherhood…that’s you, your kids and let’s not forget your first baby, your hubby. Everything else such as a clean house, laundry, much thought healthy meals can be done later.

7. Lastly, know that there’s always tomorrow. If you’ve used all your resources and your day just really don’t turn the way it should be, tomorrow would surely be a different one. A new a better day!

Be easy on yourself momma! You got this!



9 thoughts on “Maintain a Positive Mindset as a Mother on bad days

  1. Everyday can’t be perfect good day. yes, we need to make our children to understand that fact. Be kind of yourself and making mistakes are very normal for any human. thanks for all practical approach

  2. Sometimes it takes a concentrated effort to keep a positive mindset. It’s not always easy, but these tips might helps to keep a positive attitude .

  3. This is Very interesting points mentioned. And very truly. Thank you so much for sharing and helping and informing this

  4. This is truly an inspiring post. And I agree we can’t be super moms but sometimes it gets difficult to do parenting a teenage kid. I take deep breathe but still some days are not ok. But thanks for sharing this post

  5. Beautifully explained. All days aren’t same, we can always do our best to make them better. But, should go easy on ourselves. Indeed a relevant post in such challenging times.

  6. Such an interesting topic you have picked. And also written it so beautifully with all the important points . Well done

  7. Positivity should be there in our minds. If we can stay positive even in the weird situations of life no one can put us down and not even stress. Breathing exercises are perfect to boost positivity in the mind.

  8. All days are not the same. But we can make the bad days better by doing a few things that will make us happy. Needed post in today’s time.

  9. Very interesting points mentioned, truly valuable for all the mommy’s who are trying day in and day out to multitask n do all ! Thanks for this nice, Article !

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