How much do you love?

Marriage for me is a special blessing. Don’t get me wrong, my marriage with my husband has been through the usual bumps of life. Despite that, knowing the thought of someone understanding me in mood swings I may be, is also mind-blowing for me. I myself could say how difficult it is to deal with myself, what more would it be for another person.

I won’t dig deep on how important it is in ones religion because I totally respect what belief you have in life. Rather, I’d keep this sweet and simple with marriage being a congregation of respect and love for your spouse without forgetting of yourself in the process.

My husband and I had this conversation years ago which I think changed our marriage. It only took 2 questions and a simple answer.

That day, my hubby asked me if I love him. Without thinking twice, I answered, “of course!” How much? He asked next. Now I had to pause for a bit. Then answered, 110%! You know! That kind of answer with re-assurance.

Guess what his answer was…..

That shouldn’t be. Leave some for yourself. I’ll be happy with 90% 😆! haha

From that day on, I always make sure to love myself first in anyway. Whenever we’re going out, I’d wake up an hour early–ALWAYS! That’s all it took for me not to be stressed and angry with everyone whenever we go out because I feel that I don’t have time for myself. It just took a bit of mind-setting here and there. An hour early to bed the night before and an hour early to wake up! From there one, I’d have my sweet one hour to do all my the things I needed to do for myself before the kids wake-up.

The effect of this didn’t only affected my relationship with my husband but with my kids as well. I’m more relieved with mom-guilt nowadays and tend to be more relaxed in my parenting. In return, my kids seems to have less tantrums too because I’m able to give attention to them at the exact time they needed me and they’re also given the freedom to explore and make their minds wonder without me being a paranoid mother.

How about you? How much do you love you love ones? You might be loving them too much and not leaving some for yourself which makes you frustrated in life instead of appreciating the things around you.

Let me know in the comments below how this works for you!



11 thoughts on “How much do you love?

  1. Loving yourself is like Charing our mobile..we can’t be happy or love or care others and surrounding without love and care ourselves..your husband knows the truth of love.stay happy together..

  2. Loving yourself is most important. If you dont love your self you cant love others too. Its great to read this article. And great to see your partner supporting you!☺️

  3. This is soo true, we should never forget about ourselves… Your husband said it absolutely right.. beautifully penned… loved reading every bit of it

  4. This is such a lovely conversation. I know there are times when things are a little wavy but with some support from partners, it becomes a bit easy.

  5. The funny part is that people try to push us into mom guilt. The fact is that if we love ourselves morez we will be able to love others even more

  6. You are blessed to have a partner who is asking you to indulge in self love. God bless you both stays together Nd grow old together.

  7. That’s true and well writing article . I know about how do love and how important it is in ones religion because I totally respect what belief we have in life. Everyone will get it. Thanks for sharing and informing.

  8. I truly respect your husband for his honest answer. He is so very right. We should never forget to love ourselves. By giving ourself sometime in which ever we like not only help us in maintaining our sanity but also make our surroundings happy.

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