Why is teaching your child to bike important

Learning to ride a bike may be a common thing to some family. To other parents though, it something too dangerous for their child to do and eventually turn to something their child grow up not learning to do.

Here’s some reasons why teaching your child how to bike can be more than just learning how to balance but also teach them some life skills without you knowing it.

Learning to have patience with themselves and with things in their surroundings

It took my daughters a year to be confident enough to remove the training wheels and be able to balance themselves with just two wheels. It’s not a hidden truth that in the era we are in, almost everything comes in fast-paced. With that, our children gets used to this kind of living where everything seems to be automatic and instant with just a touch of a button.

We parents know also that real life doesn’t go that way. Even in this era, you still need time to learn how things work. It would still take time for someone to master something they want to be good at. Imagine having a doctor operate you but only studied about how to do it by reading a book. Would there be anyone confident enough to lie-down on that operating table? Do you thing those billionaires become one overnight?

It doesn’t matter what era we may be in. To be successful in life, one still need to go through the grit and grind of waiting for their dreams to turn into reality by being wise and applying hard work.

Having determination is integral in order succeed.

I got to see in their eyes how much they wanted to learn how to ride a bike on some days. There’s also days where it just seemed not to be their day and all they do is stumble and fall every ride they do.

Much like in real life, everyday is different. There’s days you win, there’s days that you don’t. That’s why having the right mindset and reason for doing something is important. It would be the fuel you need when you’re feeling down. You’ll need it whenever you stumble and fall.

As much times I repeated this quote during that one year I’ve been teaching my daughters how to bike, I’ll still go ahead and repeat it over and over again. That quote is…

Focus on is your progress, not perfection.

Lastly is to believe in themselves

The beauty with riding a bike is there’s not much another person can help you to learn how to do it right. At the end of the day, it’s just you and your bike and you got to sum up the courage to overcome that fear and believe in yourself that you can do it.

Here’s one conversation I’d like to repeat over and over whenever I feel my kids are in that brink of giving up.

Me: Can you do it?

My daughter: Yes

Me: Why?

My daughter: Because I’m Audrey / I’m Ysabelle!

And just with this four exchanges in conversation, I’d see their face lit up and get again in the game. And as a parent, that’s all I need to know that I’m doing my job as a parent well.

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