Finding a house in Singapore

Living for a decade here in Singapore and moving 7 times (we’ve got valid reasons for moving, I swear!), you can say were that experienced already.

From our initial move where we only took a bus with two big luggages to our last move just weeks ago where it took 2 trips of a 14ft lorry to move our stuff, I tell you, it’s exhausting! 

If you happen to be new here in Singapore and or planning to move here and still looking for a place to stay, here are some tips I’d like to share that could somehow make your moving easier.

1.Always go for legit Property website listings

There’s a few other websites to choose from but we always use Propertyguru. The website is very easy to use where you can easily filter your choice of housing, district, and budget. They add new listing everyday so make sure to visit their site everyday if you happen to not find the one that fit your needs on your first day of search.

There’s a lot of social media postings especially in Facebook. If you’re just looking for a room, then this is great option for you BUT if your intention is to get a whole unit, go for the Property websites. 

Be aware that despite Singapore being a safe country, there’s still people who take advantage of others. 

2. Agent’s commission fee

One thing to look for/ask from any agent you contact with from your Property Website listing of choice is if you are the one to pay the agent fee or the owner. If the property agent is appointed by the landlord or seller to market the unit then they pay the commission, this means you save your $$$. If it’s the other way around, then you pay. Get it?!

If this happens though, you can still save by only getting tied to a 1 year lease. You can renew again, anyways. Even if we got a decade under our belt of living here in Singapore, that doesn’t change the fact that our stay here as foreigners is still unstable until now. 

One year lease equals to half a month’s rental. Two year lease equals to one month rental. Why tie yourself to a contract and stress yourself to shell off a huge amount of commission? Just have a good reputation as a tenant by paying your rent on time and for sure the owner to let you renew.

3. Advance and Deposit

This one is a typical scenario. One month advance and One month deposit is asked.

4. Moving

The most dreadful part, the moving day! If you’re moving just a few luggages, that’s no biggie. If you have kids though, that’s a different story. Your things multiply no matter how much you want to minimise your stuff.

Hiring a mover makes this stressful move a breeze. Movers are expensive! Yes they are but if you’ll probably fill a lorry with your stuff, then why not save your energy for unpacking. 

VMOVE is what we used on our last move and we’re very happy with their service. Not only do they provide you boxes (including tape)*, great service but their rate is also one of the affordable ones in the city and got the same rate no matter how near or far your location A and B is.

* There’s a deposit of SGD 100 for the boxes. I’ve booked them too late that we’ve already started boxing our stuff so the 30 boxes that I’ve requested wasn’t all used. They deliver the boxes to your house and collect when you’re done unpacking (no limit on days after moving, just message them. They also return the whole deposit to us despite missing 1 of the boxes upon return.

During our moving day, I stayed with out housemates of our previous unit to make sure all our boxes gets included and minimise the mix-up of boxes.

All set and ready to get loaded. As you can see, every cart has been sealed with plastic wrapped around. This makes sure no boxes gets missing. 

On the receiving end is my hubby. Here he is removing the plastic wrap so we can start unpacking.

How convenient our move was? Very much as my daughter was still able to attend her class online without interruption. 😉

Here’s the details of VMOVE Pte Ltd if you’ll need one:


Facebook Page

Contact No: 9616 1161



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