Hello world!

Okay! The contents of my previous blog is gone! I recently changed hosting and domain and being the techie-me, of course, I don’t have. a back-up of my blogs!

Anyways, here’s to a new beginnings, again, because why not, coconut!

If you’ve passed by my blog before, you’ll know that this isn’t my first, neither second attempt to re-live my love in storytelling (which meant blogging to me). My last attempt has been a bit of chaos to say the least as my thoughts are just chaotic itself!

As I start again now this blog, I try to keep my blogs at least connected to each other and focus more on Lifestyle (what a broad topic, right?!), Parenting (cause this momma brain needs to share her thoughts and maybe help someone out there, who knows?!), Food (the foodie in me shouldn’t be kept in mute) and of course, Adventures (to add more excuse to travel and explore 😉).