Why are routines are beneficial for you and your child

June 24, 2020mommywithagoal@gmail.com

Are you a new mom who feels exhausted already in your first month of being a mom? What’s more frustrating is you being so tired then seeing your child restless as well. How to fix this problem? Follow a routine.

Do you have a routine that you and your child follows? If yes, then change it. Maybe the routine you’re in isn’t working. If no, then better have one! SOON!

Here’s a list of reasons why it is important for your child to follow a daily routine:

1. Sense of normalcy for children

Like all of us, change is often dubbed as a scary event in life. As much as possible, once we’ve been used to something, we tend to stick to it as it provides us a peace of mind.

This stress is also felt by children even at a young age. We don’t want that with our child, ain’t we? 

2. Helps your child have a consistent body-clock

Sleep is essential for everyone. For parents with newborn to 3 months babies, you’ll more or less need to guide your young one in fixing their body clock to be in sync with the outside world. Remember that when they’re still inside your womb, they freely sleep and wake-up at their own likeness.

Once you’ve implemented their new routine, their bodies would recognize day and night better. This sleeping pattern would be brought along as they grow-up and you’ll never have a hard time during naptime or putting them to bed at night. 

If you haven’t developed any sleeping routine for your child, better start now. The earlier in their lifetime that you do it, the better. 

3. Instills healthy habits

Do you know that routines are helpful in your child’s health as well? Not only because they get to have the rest that they need, but their eating and bowel habits also benefit from it.

When the body gets accustomed to a daily schedule on when it would intake food, it would also develop its timing on when to do its output. Doesn’t it help you (as a parent) also to know when your child (especially babies) when they’ll need the loo?

4. Integrates independence and confidence in your child

Psychologically, your child would develop early independence and confidence within themselves. With a schedule to follow daily, you’ll be surprised how much easier they’ll accomplish tasks given to them. 

Children are as independent as you expect them to be

Maria montessori

When this happens, you’ll be praising them more on a great job they’ve done. This creates a positive mood for them to be better in what they do and have that confidence boost every child should have.

5. Sense of security

Aside from the independence and confidence, your child would also grow up knowing they are in a safe environment. This gives them the liberty to excel in other things as their attention can focus more on things that they’re passionate about. 

6. Builds momentum and helps you (parents) get things done

Knowing what to expect throughout the day, you can plan your own things and make sure it gets done within your timeline. Those frequent interruptions while doing chores or working on a project can be lessened. 

7. Makes your household calmer

To live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on earth

shri radhe maa

Your nerves would surely be calm when you have enough rest, your child relaxed and happy and your whole family seems to know what to do and where to be. Your home would surely be in a peaceful state.

8. Stability during stressful times

Of course life isn’t an easy road to tackle. We can’t deny that there would be bumps along the way. Don’t fret as your routine would be like your safety net during these times. Having that routine to still follow makes everyone acknowledge that every challenge is just any other bump and the next day, you’ll have the same schedule and calm mood again.

P.S. This post is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine, Donna Aguila-Bahala.

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