Ways to correctly guide your child while Homeschooling

May 29, 2020mommywithagoal@gmail.com

Homeschooling has been the new normal for our young ones nowadays. Gone are the days when parents drop their kids off at school and have about 8 hours to do what makes them busy.

Right now and us parents have no choice but to embrace working from home and be the teachers of our children. A tough job indeed.

Did you know that around 72% of working parents are used to going to office? This makes a great adjustment for working parents to do both their work responsibilities and parenting.

Most often than not, the latter is given less attention. We all know that your kid’s education is as important as your job as well.

Them as children still needs guidance, though they may act as if they know everything. And if we don’t bother to reach out, you might not know that you child is already in trouble right in front of you. Don’t let that happen.

Here are some tips you can do so everyone gets accountable, whether it be your job or your child’s school work. Nobody should be left behind.


Have a specific place to do your work and your child to study. It is completely understandable for your home to look like a makeshift office and school at the same time.

Your home may not look like how a typical home should look like, but if that’s what works for you to have your own space and your child as well, then that’s good enough.

As long as it’s functional for both of you. Anyways, you won’t be expecting any visitors anytime soon, so better yet let your home be as useful as it can be.


This is very important. Slacking all day at home can be easily done. You’ll just be surprised how fast time pasts by and you haven’t done anything. carp! Worst is it’s not only you but also your child depending on you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a checklist hand-written or those customized printouts with r a fixed schedule you and your household should follow. What’s important is that everyone knows what needs to be accomplished at any given time.

You’ll also be surprised that you’re kids are more cooperative when they are aware of your schedule. Children are used to having schedules at school if you’ll notice.

That means, your child will be more cooperative when you guide them on their tasks. In return, you’ll have more time for yourself to do yours as well. Isn’t that a win-win?!


Studying at home can be a tricky plan. You’ve set your child’s home schooling desk. All their school supplies neatly organized.

It is also helpful that you make sure they have full stomach before they start their school work. This would help lessen them thinking of going for a trip to the fridge or pantry.

But then your kitchen is just a few steps from them. If they’re not after food, they’re looking at their toys. This can be a tough problem as you can’t relocate all your other stuff just so they won’t see them.

At this point, the only way to resolve this is to have a one-on-one talk with them. One tip I can give you is to resort to reward system (make them choose to make it more appealing for them *wink!*. Remind them that the more they focus in finishing, the faster they’ll be able to get their price (which I mind you is mostly snacks!)


I’m pretty sure that before your child goes back to school you’ll have a more profound appreciation on teachers.

Knowing that the child that means the world to you can be a tough-cookie at times would make you think, how much school administrators deal with in their everyday work.

In times you feel stressed out, stop for a while, go to another room and take a deep breathe. No problem can be resolved with a hot temper. So allow yourself to cool down and talk to your child nicely and say a little prayer that they’ll cooperate, this time. =) You got this!


Lastly, after a full day or week of hard work, relax! This is essential as having the same faces 24/7 with all the screaming and all, you need to feel happy at home. Especially nowadays when going outside isn’t as easy as before.

Whatever suits your fancy. Your objective is to have a de-stressed mind when Monday comes around.

Have a great time Mommies and Daddies!

Cherish this times when you can see your children accomplish something. I’m sure it is not only you who feels proud but your child as well as they can show-off to you how they are.



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