Make your Faith boost Success

July 30,

Do you remember what your childhood dream was? Are you able to achieve it?

When we’re young, whenever someone would ask what we want to be, without second thoughts, we we immediately blurt out something. Most answers would be doctor, teacher, accountant, engineer, fireman, to name a few.

As we grow older and learn more in life, two things happen….

First, your childhood dream remained intact and you’ve already mapped your road towards developing further your talents in order to reach your dream. If you’re one of this people, consider yourself lucky and blessed! 

The second one are those ones who realised that their childhood dream isn’t as great as what they thought it would be. Either they realised they don’t have that much talent on that field to be successful in that field, lack of finances to fund schooling for you to develop more your talents or you just really can’t decide on what would make you happy long-term.

Being in the second may suck at times but it’s totally normal. As a matter of fact, I’m one of them. 

Does it belittle me as a human? No. 

Did it hinder my success in life?Not really. 

Did it made me less happy? Definitely not.

In reality, while your degree may help you get your dream job, you don’t need to be tied to that job forever. I got friends with an engineering degree but excel in their finance job. You may think that’s quite odd, not really according to them as both deals with numbers. Haha

No matter what kind of occupation you land in as an adult, what’s important is for you to find your oneself. Assess if that’s what your heart desires. If you think you’re not where you want to be, then switch to another road. Never mind the naysayers, it’s your life anyways. 

God had planned our lives before we’re born. Not everyone though has the same kind of road to tackle. Imagine if all of us are doctors. That’s a great profession but who would we buy bread from if there’s no bakers? Where would our vegetable come from if there’s no farmers? 

Each one of us has a calling and our task is to find what that is. It must be taken with accepted with an open mind and heart.

Once you’ve managed to find yourself, we must always try to find ways to help others. As ironic as it is, you must be selfish to yourself at times for you to give way for others.

You might be surprised how great it feels to be able to share with others. It may not always be monetary / giving worldly possession because even you just making/ giving time is a big blessing to others already.

Have an open mind when giving. There isn’t small or big thing that would go to waste. Everything is appreciated as long as it comes from the heart.


Dream list

This is your dream list as an adult. By now, you have seen much of what the world has to offer and seen what pleases your eyes and what you think would be great to have or be in the future.

Do you know what differs with a childhood and adult dream? 

If you as a child what their dream is, there’s no price tag how much it costs, how hard it is to achieve it, or how long does it take for them to reach it. They just say what seems to make them happy. 

Very fierce others may say, but that’s exactly what you need to do as an adult.

What’s stopping you to say/write your dreams? 

It’s too expensive? You’ll find a way on how to get that money that you needed if your really want to achieve your dream.

It takes hard work? That my friend will test how much you wanted your dream. If you believe in the saying that nothing’s for free, well, you better believe more in the saying that nothing can be accomplished without hard work.

The road is too long before reaching my goal? Tell me which beef stew would you rather eat, the one that took 5 minutes to cook with the beef still very tough and its vegetables half cooked OR the one that took 2 hours to cook with the beef almost melting when you eat it and the vegetables cooked to perfection?

Everything that takes time to achieve is worth the wait. 


Do you know the reason why racing horses have blinkers (eye patch or blinders)? This is to prevent them from seeing the sides and getting distracted while they race. Their goal is to win and reach the end as fast as they can, no matter what circumstance it takes for them to get there.

That’s exactly how you should see your goal, with complete focus. What differentiate you and the horse though is that part “no matter what circumstance it takes to get there”.

We must remind ourselves that we’re human and that separates us from animals. Our way of thinking should always not be only for ourselves but others as well. Achieving your goal while stepping at others is as if not reaching your dream at all.


Being a parent myself, this probably is one of the things I would highlight if asked what are the reasons why I choose to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). With my daughters at the prime years of 4 and 5 years old when I stopped working, I know that this is the right time that they need the most of my guidance. 

My husband and I would always point out to them how important this is not only growing up but in life in general. 

Notice how everyone seem to give praise to the Japanese after their visit to the country? It’s not only because of the place that they’ve been to but mostly because of the people they met during the trip. With all the times I’ve been to Japan, it’s how disciplined the people are that I’m at owe.

So if you’re eyeing for success in life, better start it right with discipline in all that you do whether that be within yourself or with dealing with others. 


This is one habit that is most disregarded. 

When Success is talked about the usual words that we would think of are hard-work, discipline, dream, goal-setting but not consistency. Why?

Well maybe because it’s done always that it looses its importance? Is it?

Anyway, if you’re starting/ about to start anything you’ve like to be successful at, make sure to be consistent on what you do. As said earlier, everything BIG is worth your time and wait. 

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