It’s gift-giving season once again!

Christmas season maybe the busiest time of the year but it’s also the only time where everyone aims to slow down and have some family time. This year though is quite different, as travelling wouldn’t be as convenient as before, most of us would have to settle with just sending gifts over.

Living in Singapore for 10 years now, I’ve come to love its culture and the community like my own. That’s why I’m always in the search of local goodies to bring back. Are you like me who wants to bring a bit of Singapore every time you go back to your hometown? I’m sure you’re on the hunt as well for those items that you could send over as Christmas gifts.

Fun fact: Do you know that in the 60’s, Singapore imports only 5% of their food supply? The other 95% are all locally grown.

Can you guess how much nowadays of our food supply is imported? Whooping 95%! Oh yeah!

That’s why it’s important to help preserve these 5% of local companies that Singapore still has. Let the receiver of your gift experience a piece of Singapore and at the same time help support Singapore’s local companies. See items below for great gifting ideas!


Before knowing this brand, I’ve got to admit I always bring back “Old Town Coffee” thinking it was a local brand, well, it’s from Malaysia. haha

How locally legit is this coffee? Well, it’s has been named after a street in Singapore. Started at 1919 as a shophouse at 67 Killiney Rd, it was formerly known as Kheng Hoe Heng Coffeeshop.

In 1992, a Hainanese local bought it from its original retiring owner. He has been a regular customer for 15 years and want to preserve the Hainanese culture. It receive the award as the “Oldest Existing Hainanese Coffeeshop in the Singapore Book of Records in 2008.

Not only is it nicely and conveniently packed already, your loved ones would surely have the smell of Singapore coffee on Christmas morning.

Credit: Killiney website

If you’ve been to Singapore even just for vacation though, you should know that serving coffee always comes with Kaya toast. That being said, check-out their Beverage Bundle + FREE Kaya for $29.40.

Here’s their website for more info on their products.


Has your tastebud also changed since moving here in Singapore? Mine did! Fried chicken and fries seems tasteless without chili nowadays! The founding sisters Monica and Foi named their business venture after their names. They started the business upon relocating back to Singapore after studying abroad.

Since then, they have been selling at farmers markets and now have online retailers and restaurant partners.

Credit: MOFO Chili Website

Check out their mini bottles of MOFO Gunpowder sold for $12. These are perfect gifts to add spice to your loved ones sumptuous Christmas dish! The products are even both HALAL and VEGETARIAN friendly! So versatile yet it does not change the taste of your food!

MOFO Chilis also have 3 levels of burn power to choose from.

  • FINAL DESTINATION (level 10)
  • DODGE THE BULLET (level 5)
  • MOFO GUNPOWDER (chili powder level 7)

Learn more on the products they offer from their website.


Cheng Yew Heng combines 71 years of heritage and expertise in producing the finest, purest rock sugar and re-inventing it with an exciting taste and experience. What better gift can you send your nieces or your sweet-toothed family member back home this Christmas than these naturally crystallised “cute looking” rock sugar sticks are ideal for pairing with coffee, tea, sparkling water, cocktails or simply as a candy.

Credits: Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks website

How cute could that packaging be! Truly it’s a perfect Christmas gift you can send. See more on their products from their website.


Here’s another Singapore made product for your sweet toothed friends this Christmas season. Not only is it locally made but its handmade as well. If I’m not mistaken, this might be the the only Singapore version nougat we have in the market. Another great thing with this product is that it is all-natural, no gelatine, artificial flavors, preservatives. It is very good for the healthy and not so healthy people*wink*.

Credits: 3BitesFull website

Packed nicely already, you just need to add a small ribbon for it to look more presentable as a gift, this nougats comes in 9 flavours as follows: Original, Cranberry, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Satsumaimo, Coffee, Bobochacha and Macadamia to accommodate everyones favourites.

See more about on their products from their website.


Your friends overseas who loves snacking on chips shouldn’t be left behind with this addictive snacks from Irvins. Making waves for a few years now, they didn’t only satisfied the cravings of the locals but internationally as well.

Credits: Irvins website

This classic box sold for $19.90 is conveniently packed in box. It comes with 4 packs namely Salted Egg Fish Skin (50g), Salted Egg Potato Chips (50g), Hot Boom Salted Egg Fish Skin (50g), and Hot Boom Salted Egg Potato Chips (50g).

Here’s their website to know more on their products.

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