Merry Christmas y’all!!!

Christmas is here once again and I really hope you are feeling the true spirit of Christmas within your hearts.

Parties, gifts, reunion/gatherings and travelling are the things we usually associate during this holiday season. What we accustom doing during Christmas was put to halt. I hope you take this opportunity to time to reflect on what truly matters and what Christmas is really about.

It’s an understatement to say that what this year had been is what you’ve envisioned and planned for this 2020. For some, life seems to go hay-wire but for others who was able to adapt faster to change made sure to use this this opportunity for the better. Everyone felt the effects of Covid-19. It didn’t matter what status in the society you belong. The effects of it went beyond finances and the economy. It was the health of a person that it affects and as everyone knows, no money nor science can give back a person’s life. This Pandemic truly change everyone.

It truly is a year of choosing wisely where to focus your energy. I hope you chose positivity. Know how to be content with the things around you is a good one. Being mindful of what you have, and appreciating them is another. As written in the Bible and I’m sure all religious books, God always provides.

Other’s might be hesitant to say or even think of themselves being content with their lives as they know that they want more to life. Don’t confuse yourself with being content and stopping having goals. That’s not what it means.

Contentment simply means you acknowledge what you have, where you are and who you are. By being mindful of seeing the things that’s surrounding you, you’ll feel accomplished and happy of your present life. Life isn’t just about chasing dreams, its about living it as well.

This year might not have went the way you planned it to be but for sure you’ve accomplished something or even improvised something somehow. Celebrate little victories even if it’s as simple as being able to stay afloat. That’s where your motivation to get better will come from.

Know that the fate of life is full of ups and downs. If you feel like you’re down, be excited knowing that you’ve got no other way but to go up! Isn’t that exciting enough to live life?!

It’s time to prepare for Noche Buena! Have a Merry Christmas again everyone! Stay safe!

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