And just like that, it’s September school holidays once again! Who’s with me feeling that the next few days would come like a breeze???

My daughters are both still in kindergarten, with one of them moving-up to Primary 1 next year (keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be able to be given a slot!). If you’re reading this blog, not from Singapore, school had opened since June. So kids had been doing their own routine for term 3 as per usual, sans Covid-19. That’s all thanks to the government and frontliners for keeping the city safe as much as possible, of course, still with the usual pre-cautions (masks, face shields and sanitizers).

Anyway, so this coming week is a big week for parents once again because the “little monsters” would be invading our homes. I hope you’ve prepared for activities ahead of time! You know kids, they get bored all the time (busy-minds!) and if you don’t want to be nudged every second for the whole week, then better be ready mommas!

So here’s my tips for you if you haven’t prepared anything yet and don’t want to get stressed.

1.Make a schedule

It doesn’t need to have that timeline like the usual schedule. Parents, especially moms, knows that when you have kids, you can’t have a timeline throughout the day. There would always be unplanned things to do and tons of hiccups along the way. So why add more stress in putting timings on your schedule?? What you need is a list on things you need to do for the week/ day. By this, you’ll feel accomplished by before you lay down on your bed in the evening. This also makes you have a sound sleep (less things to think about) and make you wake up with tons of energy again.

So how to make a schedule? What I’d like to do is to write down my menu for the week, chores, activities for the kids, then other things to be done like work (if you have a sideline or business to attend to).

Here’s a sample of my schedule.

You can have the same template for FREE below and write your own list.

My Wonderful Week Template

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template

My Daily Schedule Template

2. Go out!

Despite being a small dot in the map, Singapore have surprisingly more parks people can go to and enjoy than the Philippines (no offence, but really!). Actually, it was only nowadays only that our family had a change of heart and would rather explore this nature parks than go to the mall.


Safer – hello to fresh air! Need I say more?

More space – the park may be crowded but not to the point like when you’re in the mall where you can’t be 1 meter apart.There’s definitely more space to move around in the park.

Health benefits – after being on Circuit Breaker for 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 days (I hope I got that right! Copied the information from Wiki), we have deeper understanding on how important moving our butts is.

Pre-covid days, part of our daily routine would include walking around going to/from work/ school, malling on weekends, etc. This walking is also a kind of exercise.

During Circuit Breaker, we only walk around our homes. I’m sure about 90% of the time is we’re sitting or lying down. I don’t know about you but it really contributed to my unwanted belly fats and made my joints ache. That being said, this park adventures are really well appreciated nowadays.

Thrifty getaway – I’m pretty sure you won’t need much of your wallet when you go here. No great deals/sale you’ll be lured on. Okay, maybe the vending machines. But hey, you can bring water! It’s healthier!

Energy quencher – this is exactly what momma’s like us need. Not for us but for our kids. Not only would they have fun running around, it would also save you cleaning time at your house since you’re all out (no messy homes!) and lastly, they’ll be tired by you reach home and be happy to have a nap.

Convinced already? Doesn’t matter actually, here’s the link for you to see all the parks you can be! (oh, that rhymes!)

Disclaimer: I’m not provoking you to do so if you don’t feel safe going out. =)

3. Bonding time

Do you know one reason why kids want us parents to be home? They love spending time with us! Yes! As much as you want to spend time with them, they also feel the same way.

It actually doesn’t matter to them whether you go our on a pricey outdoor activity or just draw and colour only at home. What’s important to them is for you to bond with them. Not only be at home with them.

So make sure to make it to a point to include on your scheduling to spend time with your kiddos.

Here’s some frugal activities you can do for the week:

  • Drawing

Transform Letters to Animals

Transform Numbers to Anything

  • Coloring

Free Printouts for colouring

  • Games

Jimmy Fallon games – my kids love watching these! We recreate it and they love it! Fun-times!

But if you still insist on going out, then here’s some suggestions:

Sentosa – There’s so much to do here, a day won’t be enough!

Jewel – For some indoor greenery and park adventures.

Science Center -Who says you learn while having fun?

Garden’s by the Bay – We love going here because of its versatility. You can either go inside the domes and walk around the nearby The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands OR you can walk to the opposite direction towards the Marina Barrage where you can run around, fly a kite and do picnic. Kids can also drop by the Children’s Garden where they can run around the water sprinklers. (Just make sure to check the weather update before showing up! We forgot to check last week and we spent the day walking around half empty malls while waiting for the rain to stop.)

I hope you find this helpful! Enjoy your time with your family =)

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