This Pandemic has really affected our travel plans the whole year of 2020. With Christmas coming soon, I’m sure everyone still wants to maintain that Christmas spirit of giving. You might not be able to travel back home but you can still make them feel your love by the gifts you send.

To be honest, we’re not fond of sending gifts through courier as we usually just bring ourselves as luggage whenever we go for vacation. I’m sure most of you can relate. But as said earlier, this year is different. So reluctant as we are, courier seems our only choice. We all need to adjust anyway.

Last week, my sister-in-law was asking my hubby what laptop is good yet not too pricey. As we found out, laptops are more expensive in the Philippines than buying here in Singapore. And we’re not even taking into account the IT shows that is a yearly affair here in Singapore. That’s even with courier+insurance and taxes already! That’s why my SIL just ask us to buy here instead.

OFW TIP: Laptops are cheaper in Singapore than buying in the Philippines (courier, insurance of courier and taxes taken into account already)😉

That being said, I would like to share how great our experience with LBC Singapore at Lucky Plaza is.

Last Saturday, I called them to inquire how much and the details of how long it take for the item/s to be sent be delivered. The staff I talked to are all friendly to give me the details I needed (yes, “are” because I called multiple times to check on the details I got 🤪).

Another TIP: Call 800 101 2708 instead of the local phone number that can be found in their website.

As usual, the price of the courier itself would depend on the size and weight of the items to be sent. Since I wanted to know if sending through courier the laptop would still be reasonably than just my SIL buying in the Philippines instead, I’ve asked for a rough estimate of expenses.

The estimate quotation they gave was of $70 for the laptop (subject to change due to the actual size and weight of item) and $50 for taxes (fixed amount).

Total days of delivery: 9 days (Singapore to Manila)

Another thing to remember is that the cut-off of shipping (Mondays and Thursdays) of items to be sent. This means if you want your package to be included on the shipping day of choice, you should have brought your package to their branch the day before. (I’ll tell you more about this later on experience story below)


As we wanted my SIL to receive her laptop before the usual long Christmas holiday in the Philippines, I went to LBC’s branch at Lucky Plaza the day after we bought the laptop. Yes, I braved going to Lucky Plaza on a Sunday🤪

For those who don’t know, Lucky Plaza is a mall in Orchard where most stores sell filipino goods. It’s a place where most OFW’s specifically domestic helpers gather during their day-off. That’s why we usually avoid going there especially on Sundays as the whole place usually gets packed.

I arrived there at Orchard MRT 15 mins before 10am. After a 5 minute walk and going through the usual protocols entering Lucky Plaza, I arrived at their branch located at the 3rd floor. Just as what I’ve thought, I wasn’t the only want who wants to come early. I was already 10th in the line.

Photo grabbed online as I was busy filling-up
my form when I was near the door

The branch was already open and all the staff are busy preparing for their opening. Social distancing is strictly followed.

There’s a yellow line to be followed for social distancing while in queue

There’s a limit of 5 customers at a time inside the store. Since others needed time to unpack from their bags and put their goodies in a box, that’s why waiting time to get inside depends on the other customers also.

No worries though as the staff are quite efficient in helping their customers in to speed up the whole process of sending a package. They remind customers from time to time (in a kind way) not to linger inside the store once done.

Once you’re one of the next 5 customers to go inside, they will give you a form on a clipboard to fill-up. Questions in the form are the standard name and address of sender and receiver. No biggie unless like the lady behind me in queue who forgot to bring her eyeglasses.

The store is full of boxes and packages of other customers. Since I came the day before cut off, it is understandable that packages accumulate already especially it’s the holiday season.

No worries though as there’s still enough space to practice social distancing. They will give you your own space to pack your items in a box.

Here are their box sizes and its specific dimensions

Unless your’s is already in a box and won’t need necessary boxing again. It’s only wise when sending a laptop to retain it in its original box with its styrofoam safely guarding it. And as you can see on photo below, the option of putting the original box in a LBC box isn’t feasible.

The laptop box is bigger than their small box

One of their staff is kind enough to pack it in a bubble wrap instead. Since the laptop is safely in the box already and just the laptop bag to add-in, it’s a good choice to just do this way. He’s the one who packed it nicely and wrapped safely the whole package with that red tape.

You also need to write your details and the receiver’s in a plastic pouch which act as the cover of your package. See photo below for reference.

plastic pouch

Here’s what my package looked like ready for shipment.

Safely packed!

The staff who helped my pack wrote on the form I filled up earlier the exact weight my package was (2.80 kg) and me also the exact amount for the freight only of SGD 70.30 (2,530.80) taking into consideration it’s dimension too.

Here’s the filled-up form including the details of my payment

As mentioned earlier on this post, tax for laptop is fix at SGD 50 (PHP1800.00) . We opt to add an insurance which costs SGD 24 (864.00)This is based on declared value. Insurance covers refund of the exact declared value of your package.

My total bill ended up at SGD 144.30 (PHP 5,194.80)which isn’t that bad considering it’s a laptop we’re sending.

Another staff will get the form to encode your details into their system. It is with this lady also that I made the payment. Please note that LBC is just accept CASH. They don’t accept NETS or CREDIT CARD for payment.

ANOTHER TIP: Withdraw CASH before going to LBC branch to avoid any delays with the process. There's a UOB ATM machine at the ground floor (you just take a peek at the mall's railing and look at the bottom, you can't miss it!) and a DBS ATM at the 3rd floor of Lucky Plaza as well. It's always a good thing to come prepared.

After payment, they gave me a copy of the form as a receipt and tracking as well. Here’s the website where you can track your package. Don’t be like “paranoid” us who are just too anxious to know where our package was that we panicked when we can’t track it! Apparently, we used DHL tracking website instead of LBC’s! hahaha


Thanks to LBC’s efficiency, we can sleep soundly earlier than expected! My SIL messaged us last Friday, Dec.4, that she just received her laptop!!! We’re actually anticipating it to arrive later in the week, 10th of December as they said estimated arrival is 9 working days, or even later than that as we know everything moves slowly nowadays than the normal due to the Pandemic.

To our amazement, our package arrived within 5 working days! Who won’t be happy with that! See photo below of my SIL’s unharmed laptop☺️.

*Note that this post is not a paid post. Everything in this post is based on our experience and other’s customers may be different than ours.

Here are some helpful information about LBC Singapore.

CONTACT NUMBER: 800 101 2708


***Cash ONLY

***Cutoff of shipment is every Mondays and Thursdays so make sure to bring your package before that day.

***If you’re from the east side and don’t want to hustle and bustle in the city, you can go to their warehouse at Kallang Distripark. It is open everyday from 10am to 6pm for your air and sea cargo transactions!

Here’s how to get there: From Orchard MRT /Lucky Plaza

By Taxi 8- 10 minutes

By Bus 65 and 175 – 30 to 40 minutes

Nearest MRT : Kallang (Greenline)

By Bus 175 – 7 minutesGeylang Bahru (Yellow Line)

By Walk – 5 minutes

***Sending a package this Christmas, please note of the Holiday cutoff.

Kudos to all the staff of LBC at Lucky Plaza!

Hope you find this helpful! Happy Holidays!

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