Monday Inspiration: Each one is a piece of art

July 27,

Would you believe that two of Gerhard Richter’s Spiegel blutrot (Mirror, Blood Red) paintings each sold $1.3 million? People not into arts for sure would have thought, “That’s ridiculous!” and for those art collectors, that price tag may seem expensive but understandable.

I’m not sure thought when you see what that painting looks like…

10 Expensive Art Pieces a Child Could Have Made
Spiegel blutrot (Mirror, Blood Red) by Gerhard Richter 

Saw it? You might wonder…what is she talking about? Where is that expensive painting? I can only see a red rectangle.

Guess what! That’s the painting that sold for $1.3 million, not just once, TWICE!!!! I know it’s mind-boggling and even art collections might have a good laugh at it as well (I’m just guessing here).

What does this have to do with giving me inspiration for this week? The same reason what you can’t see from the painting what the person who shelled out that hefty money have seen how valuable it is.

The Gospel urge us to find that special unique person within us as you’re made in God’s image. It has been given to us for FREE by God contrary to what we’re used to hear, “Nothing’s for free anymore”.

Just like any other art though, some may be simple but tagged expensive while others may be very explicit looking doesn’t worth that much. How our life would be lived is still up to us on how we wanted it to be.

We are reminded that each of us have a hidden treasure within us that is waiting to be discovered or revealed. All we need to do is to work in faith to find it. The bible has been there for us to give us light. God is always waiting for us to have a conversation with Him. Finding out what that treasure is may be easy for some while others may need to strive to find it. Thus, even if we’re already at our epitome, we’re called to help others shine as well.

This shouldn’t be a hindrance for us to show kindness to others. It is also your way to give gratitude to God and share with others what you have.

This week, just like a piece of art, find that uniqueness and specialness within you. Always look for signs where you can spread the goodness within you.

God bless and have a great week ahead.

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