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June 10,

I bet you’ve come across that short clip where they conduct a fake job interview for the #worldstoughtestjob. 

The position: Director of Operations aka Moms.


  • Should have a lot of stamina 
  • Great mobility
  • Great negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge in Medicine
  • Knowledge in Culinary 
  • Adhere to wearing several hats 
  • Assist with associates who is in constant need of special attention
  • No life
  • Have a happy disposition

Salary: PRO-BONO

I agree with most of the things said in the ad except for the thought that they made it look like a job which anyone asked to do won’t have any second thought of running to the opposite direction.

That’s not what motherhood should feel like. As a mother, you should feel important and not taken for granted. You should feel empowered even! 

Now let’s go through each job description and how can we go around to make your motherhood a joyful one, shall we!

Lots of Stamina

Well, shouldn’t you be proud of yourself that you’re a woman? God could have given men the ability to become mothers but He chose us. That means we are the ones given this long lasting power to sustain motherhood.

Great mobility

I agree that you should be on your feet most of the time, if not 24/7, but not literally standing! Gosh! That was an idiom that meant that your child would require your attention almost 24/7. 

It’s a given fact that babies can’t walk yet when they are born, every parent would really go through cradling their child.

Whilst, if you’re a bit traditional like me, then there’s a lot of methods to learn how to cook nowadays. All it takes is your willingness to learn. Don’t worry much also if your food won’t turn out what you expect them to be. Your customers (kiddos) wouldn’t care much. 

Whilst, if you’re a bit traditional like me, then there’s a lot of methods to learn how to cook nowadays. All it takes is your willingness to learn. Don’t worry much also if your food won’t turn out what you expect them to be. Your customers (kiddos) wouldn’t care much. 

Not to worry guys, there’s a reason why baby stuff is always included on the top most items in-store or online. There’s tons of carriers and rockers for your baby so you won’t be required to cradle them most of the time. 

You might tell me, oh yeah! I have all those and it doesn’t work! Well, yes, some babies might be more clingy than the others. If you have one of those, here’s some TIPS FOR MOMMY’S WITH CLINGY BABIES.

Great negotiation skills

If you got great negotiation skills against your parents when you were in your teens and feel proud of yourself, well, you’ll pretty much see a “mini” you in your child. BE READY!!!

I remember myself having planned every scenario with a plan A, B and even C whenever I would ask my mom for permission to go somewhere. Truly, your kids are a copycat of who you are! Boy, I tell you how much negotiation skills I need to exert with my 5 year old! 

You’ll actually be surprised and amused at the same time with every response they give you. It’s usually exhilarating, you’ll find yourself excusing yourself from an intense scenario just to make a laugh! Hahaha…


Knowledge in Medicine

This doesn’t mean you’ll need to know every medicine even before your child is born. You’ll learn this in the process or what they usually say, you’ll learn from experience. 

Of course, you already know those basics like paracetamol and over-the-counter cough or flu meds. You probably would also wish not to know much of medicines as this would mean your child isn’t a sickly-child.

Cooking skills

With all the different options to buy food nowadays, I bet you can still feed your child, healthily, without even getting near a stove and holding a pan.

If you’re trying to be a bit traditional, like me, there’s tons of ways nowadays to learn how to cook. Aside from cooking classes that you can take, there’s YOUTUBE or cook books where you can easily follow.

Don’t fret though with the taste and quality of food you’ll come out with. Throughout my years of cooking, I tell you there are surely once or twice in a month, still, that I miss hitting the right taste.

NO breaks / lunch

Just like in any job, your work would never come to an end if you don’t know how to manage your time. If you’ve been in the corporate world and been sent to a time management course, I hope you weren’t sleeping during the discussion. 

Why? Because in motherhood, TIME MANAGEMENT is ESSENTIAL! 

Children are also accustomed to following a routine. So have a healthy one and I’m sure you’ll have the me-time you’ve been eyeing on!

Not having time to eat? hahaha… If that’s the case then all mommies would be in great shape and I tell you, every woman would love that! Sadly, it isn’t.

Meal time should be for everyone. Train your child to eat with you at the table. Include this on their routine. Yes, you would need to assist them, but hey, you’ll be able to eat as well. 

Tip: It’s okay to let them get messy. If you always feed them they won’t learn how to feed themselves. So start by letting them learn how to hold a spoon. From then on, your life would be easier.

Mess and Chaotic life

Learn to live in minimalism. The lesser toys you buy, the lesser mess your home would become. It doesn’t mean you need to deprive your child from things. Sure, you can buy as many things as you want, but know that one of these days, all those would be all around your home.

Kids in general are born without knowledge. If they grow up without values and discipline, then that’s up to the parents who raised them up. 

So if you want to live without chaos, that’s up to you to teach them to clean up, to be disciplined and to know the value of the things you buy them.

No Life 

For sure not your previous life full of parties and night outs. Your life would be full of hugs and smothered with kisses from your little one. Let’s get real, the latter includes dirty nappies and late nights nursing your baby. 

Trust me, there’s more to life in it than your previous one. Fun would be traded with intense joy and happiness. Life wouldn’t just be lived but would have a whole different meaning.

Happy disposition

If you’re able to find the joyfulness of motherhood, I’m sure, a happy disposition would be an understatement. You’ll have contentment inside you and be smiling every time.

No late nights would feel like a harrowing one. No tired body would be felt, instead, always an invigorated one.

With all that, of course there won’t be any amount of SALARY enough to pay you, just PURE LOVE.

Motherhood doesn’t get easier, you only get better. So just keep doing what you do. You don’t need to be grinning every time. You’ll look like foolish doing that.

Be happy and composed mama. If you’re in need of someone to talk to, always remember you got ME. Comment below!

Your MommyWithAGoal,


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