Are you a WISH LUCKER?

They are the ones who would sign-up every opportunity they get when they read something like the following:

– How to be rich?

– Ways to be make money

– Tips on how to save

Good Thing

Wish Luckers are usually the optimistic ones in life. Too optimistic to the point that they don’t realise that they’ve fallen already to the “luck trap”. 

They are the ones whose Pinterest pins are full of inspirations of everything that flatters their eyes. I’d also like to call them the dreamers as they are most likely the ones with the “The dream is free” as their motto in life. There’s nothing wrong about that right? 

Nothing unless you just kept dreaming and forget about the hustle.

Bad Thing

Just like anything, when too much, turns bad. It becomes an obsession and before you know it becomes a habit without you knowing it. A bad habit that not everyone is willing to accept especially to themselves.

This can be tricky as you are dealing with yourself, which is harder if you think of it.

Real life Situation

Perfect example for this is the LOTTERY. 

Do you play the lottery (TOTO here in Singapore)? —— NOT ME! hahaha

They have that dream to become rich but don’t have the will to work for it, (no offence!) instead, you rely on luck. They can sing their heart out to Larry Graham’s song “One in a Million” but the still the odds of them winning that POWER/MEGABALL remains the same. 

And guess what, 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt. If you’re one of the “wish suckers” who’s just getting by nowadays and maybe with a bit more perseverance, you’ll pull yourself better than being that one time big time and end up bankrupt.

If you think you belong to the WISH LUCKER type (don’t be shy, you’re talking to yourself…admit it if you need to), there’s still a way to correct things.

You already have that optimistic kind of mindset of not giving up. You perhaps have read already the all the tips, how to’s and ways not only to make money but also what to do with it. All you need to do is apply it. If other’s can, why not YOU! 

What you can do

What you need to develop though is MINDFULNESS. By thinking deeper if the track you’re following is the right one and will lead you to your goals. Always use make use of that positive outlook, not everyone have that. 

As the Proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. God gave each one of us talents for us to hone and use for us to flourish in this world. It is up to us to find our about it, work on it and benefit on it.

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