Last September we went back to Japan. It’s been 5 years since our last visit. I was still pregnant with Ysabelle that time and Audrey just turned 1 year old. So this trip is quite special.

Throwback pic from our 2015 Japan trip

We took the morning flight, a 6am flight via ANA. It was a non-stop 6 hour flight.

We left home the night before and headed to the Changi Airport with hopes of being able to see Jewel Changi Airport with less people. Well, we really got more than what we’ve hoped for. It was empty!!!hahaha.. For those of you who’s planning to see the Rain Vortex or just eat at Shake Shack without queuing, then better come before mall hours ends. We arrived there around 12.30 midnight and found ourselves walking at an empty mall. “Next time, check first before assuming, okay??” (That was me talking to myself)

Anyways, we went back to Changi T2 where we’re able to find “CRAVE – The Original Adam’s Road Nasi Lemak by Selara Rasa” This was our saving grace to fill our grumbling stomachs. Ahhh….so yummy!

Love it!!!

There was a Pezzo stall beside it, which the kiddos got as midnight snack. Who doesn’t love pizza??

We went back to the departure area to wait for the baggage counters to open. Tik-tok, tik-tok again.

Trying to entertain themselves with the self-assist check-in machines

We finally checked-in our baggage and went swiftly through the immigration. We’re able to reach our gate at around 4am. By this time, all of our felt like we’re dragging our feet already and just want to doze off.

taking a decent photo before our flight

We waited for around 20 minutes outside our gate to finally go to the waiting area. It was the airport security scan that my soul got woken up by an alarming object found on my handbag. Oh, holy-guacamole! You don’t know how scared I was. Apparently, the small first-aid kit I brought had scissors in it.

Well that was terrifying and totally gave me a fright. Who wouldn’t??! Anyways, so there I am, wide awake again at 5am in the morning and feeling like I have a bubble inside my head. haha. So tired.

We boarded the plane around 5:45 am and Ysabelle was already asleep. After the photo above was taken, she asked to be carried and in a blink, she’s already snoring. NO JOKE! Oh, poor darling!

There’s Ysabelle, slumped on her seat while Audrey entertaining herself with Angry birds game.

Since the plane has a 3-3-3 seating arrangement, Jeff has no choice but to be seated behind Audrey. Oh, he had a good rest/sleep. haha. As for me, I had one too, well, while flexing both my arms (you know like a doing the chicken dance) for Audrey and Ysabelle to use as a pillow. Anyways, not complaining. We’re seated on the front row so the leg room was big. If not for the seat belt rule, I would have opt for the kiddos to sleep on the floor.

Menu for ANA economy flight from Singapore to Japan

I love that they have a menu given instead of the traditional way of asking “Beef or Chicken, Maam”. For me, it adds class to the flight experience even if we’re only seated in economy. I wonder how do they serve at First Class seats. hehe…someday… I chose meal A as I wanted to check out how their fish would be. Felt like a taste-tester..haha

Here’s my tray (still untouched).

I can say that they really pass the look test. Meaning, it really looks like the one in the photo. Unlike those fast food ads where the burgers doesn’t even look like the one they advertise.

Deep-fried white fish with Daikon radish sauce

Looks delish and it really was. I really enjoyed this meal. The fish taste fresh from the fryer and the radish sauce compliments it. Great combo!

real utensils

Clearly I’ve been riding too many budget airlines in the past that I forgot already how it feels like to ride a Full Service Airline. I’m so delighted with this!

They’ve got real utensils guys! Yes it may be cold when you hold it but hey, it’s better than being given the plastic ones. Aside from you’re sure that it won’t break, you’re also helping planet earth. Okay, enough said.

Take note that breakfast was served about 30 minutes into the flight and these 3 was already knocked-out. I happily enjoyed my meal, so no worries. I need to woke up Jeff as well so he can have his meal as well. Kids have their special meal and can be served as when they want to eat. I slept after eating and had a good rest.

Almost there!!!

Seeing that we’re almost there, about an hour before landing, I woke up the two kiddos. It’s time to eat and get them into the right mood.

ANA Kids meal

Kids meal includes some waffles and scrambled eggs. There was also some sandwiches that was given, which we didn’t have time to eat as we’re still full. We just brought them to eat for later.

You know what that thumbs-up means. Good job ANA!

Nobody wants hungry kiddos, that’s when tantrums starts most of the time. So I applaud ANA for making an effort to serve a separate kids meal that children would most likely eat like scrambled eggs and waffles rather than them having the same meal as adults. I think every travelling parent would know that this small things matters.

Keeping herself busy playing while mommy is getting herself ready.

I also love how their windows have this window shade and not the traditional pulling down of shade. Can you believe that the photo above and the one below was taken minutes apart?

One of the reasons why I love riding a plane. Watching clouds, so relaxing.

After a quick trip to the washroom and fixing of their hair, it’s time to take some decent or I may say fun on-flight photos.

Goofing up with mommy
trying to fit our faces in that small camera frame

A few minutes after, we landed. We’re so thankful to God above for giving us this opportunity to spend some bonding moments, relaxing time and happy times.

One last photo inside the plane before adventure begins.

Our plane wasn’t parked near a jet bridge so we took a bus to the airport. Good thing as well as we’re able to take a photo with our plane. hehe

Happy smiles! Welcome to Japan!

Hope you like this blog / review on ANA post.

Many more travelling stories soon!

Much love,


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