I’m starting this new blog series called Inspirational Monday. That means you’ll hear more from me every week!! Whoo hoo….look who’s getting more inspired to write nowadays..haha..Thanks to all of you for being an inspiration.

Now back to blogging…

Inspirational Mondays will be based on learnings/ realisations I’ve got from Sunday’s Mass. It aims to inspire people, especially during the first day of the week. As embarrassing as it is, we know that most Catholics aren’t that religious compared to other religions. For most of us, going to mass on Sundays is our only way of worship and that’s it.

Sadly, due to the Pandemic happening right now, even those special one-hour devotion every Sundays to worship is gone. Well, not necessarily gone, but limited to watching in the TV/computer.

On the good side, doesn’t this make us realise how convenient things are for us nowadays. It only means that God has really been making ways to be part of our lives that even going to the church isn’t as much needed anymore as you can hear mass through your phone/iPad/laptop which you usually being along nowadays. Imagine how during the old Pandemic days people are able to cope.

Come to think of how blessed you are already! That alone is something to be grateful for, isn’t it?

The Responsorial Psalm yesterday, “The seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest” touched me too much that I’d like to share to you today.

Thinking deeper on what this really means, I associated it with parenting. Parenthood starts when you’re blessed with a seed (a child). However, it isn’t for free, rather comes with great responsibility to carry out and given a choice on how to go around it. Whatever choice of upbringing they choose to do for their child would be for them to decide. This would be the basis or yield if their harvest would be a fruitful one or not.


All babies are the same when they’re born, they are ignorant. They know nothing but the instinct to latch to be fed (others even have difficulty doing this) and to pee/poop. This marks the start of decision making each parent is called for. Each parent’s ability to provide love and care, teaching manners, beliefs and values would be each child’s foundation in life.

Disclaimer: Though financial capability would somehow be an advantage when it comes to supporting your child’s nurturing, it doesn’t ends there. There’s a lot more money can’t give to a blossoming sweet child. The time you spend with them and how much life lessons you’ve thought them would determine how their child would live their life.

A person’s status in life can only be ascertain by time, the world is round and anything can happen in a blink of an eye.


Parents who are able to provide a good foundation of life skills to their child always got the advantage. Remember that book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”? That is one example of training a mindset of person, though as what I earlier said, one can’t determine other’s future.

It doesn’t mean one is not financially capable nowadays, tomorrow, they still aren’t. We are always in control of our own destiny in life. It always depends on how ones ability to swim in the the waves of life that they’ll able to survive.


They say the greatest joy a parent would have is to see their children accomplished in life and still show good values. A lot of educated people nowadays seem to forget that values are still an important key to humanity. To find a successful good soul is truly miracle, but there still are! The question is, are you raising one of those good ones?!

I love reading those rags to riches life stories? Do you too? Those people are the living evidence that everyone has a chance to attain a fruitful harvest with faith, perseverance and hard-work, nothing is impossible. Our role as parents is to make sure we’re there to guide God’s given “seeds” to be a fruitful harvest in the future.

By simply being able to do that means you’re able to do one of your life’s purpose, to raise a child that will do good to this world.

Are you living a purposeful life and foresee a fruitful harvest? It’s only our actions today and patience in waiting time for us to know.

Have a Blessed Monday Morning!

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