Are you like one of us whom vacation plans had been put to halt due to COVID-19? Then you might need this.

This morning, I’m able to finalize my request to get refund vouchers under SCOOT, it’s a Singapore to Manila flight. We preferred this option rather than have the date change as we really do not know as of the moment when would this pandemic will stop.

I tried going to their website but was only given the CHANGE DATE option, which isn’t the one I’m looking for. After much research, this is what I’ve found out. You need to go to CHANGE YOUR FLIGHT.COM.

Here’s a step by step process:


Go to the link: This is what you’ll be seeing.

Note that this link is NOT applicable to ALL AIRLINES, rather, ONLY TO THE LIST BELOW :

Scoot / Tiger Singapore

Alitalia Airlines

Estonia Air

Easy Jet









Wizz Air


Choose the your specific AIRLINE and put your Booking Code and Passenger Name.


2. You’ll be asked if you prefer to refund the entire booking or just for a specific passenger.

In our case, we chose to have the entire booking refunded by travel vouchers.

If you’re travelling with a child, vouchers are issued to the accompaniying adult. They’ll ask whom you preferred name you want it to be issued.


3. They’ll confirm the name of passengers and the refundable price. Then they’ll ask you to choose from one of the options below. As per my understanding, this is the incentive, probability and processing time they’re giving each one who claims.

We chose the 1st option which, if you’ll notice, have the lowest refund incentive, but, it has the fastest turnaround time.

After choosing the option you prefer, just click the PLACE YOUR REQUEST button. ALMOST done folks!

4. You’ll be receiving an email shortly similar to this below. It is important that you click submit as confirmation of your request from the email you’ll be receiving. If not, your request is disregard/expire after 3 hours.

After you click SUBMIT from your email, a link from which is your assurance that your request is accepted.


An email your request is being processed.

Hope you find this blog helpful. I’ll keep you posted on what happened to our refund.


After 3 tries, our request for refund has finally become SUCCESSFUL!!!

As mentioned on my post above, upon our initial request, we chose the 1st option for the refund but it came out unsuccessful. My guess is because there’s way too many requests on this option, hence, the outcome.

1st attempt

On our 2nd request, I figured out that maybe if we choose the last option, their customer service would have more time to process our request, but STILL, came out unsuccessful. I really got disappointed at this time.

2nd attempt

But tried again by choosing randomly from the option given and chose the 3rd one.

3rd attempt…SUCCESS!!!

And to our delight, came out successful. It may have took us 1 1/2 days and 3 tries but understanding the situation right now, it is truly understandable. We’re just greatful that we can do this refund within our fingertips at the safety inside our homes.

Great Job SCOOT!

Anyways, the email you’ll receive would look like this.



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