Did your child didn’t get a slot from MOE? Don’t fret! Read along on to know how we’re able to find a solution.

Being a Foreigner in Singapore has lots of challenges. For most, it’s finding a job, settle down, and it’s already a happy ending.

If you have your family with you though, it’s a different story. It’s a known fact how expensive raising children could be. With steep prices here in Singapore, you’ll see how much of a financial challenge it is raising kids could be.

The challenge doesn’t stop there though. Once they grow up and enters schooling, parents face another difficulty. Preschool stage is quite viable. There’s a lot of Preschools you can enrol your child. You only need to secure a slot which isn’t that difficult.

For most parents, moving-up from kindergarten to primary 1 is just another milestone for their child. Living in Singapore and being a pass holder though is a different story.

I’m sure it’s not only us Filipinos but also other parents with Foreign nationalities who are just E/S Pass only. We look forward to October*. The Ministry of Education (MOE) sends out an email to parents. It’s a simple email to let you know if your child gets a slot in their local school or not.

Mind you, you only get to register/apply in June*. Then after, you get the results by end October*. It’s a waiting game not knowing what your child’s schooling fate would be.

Just a tip for parents, no matter how optimistic you are, a Plan B always comes in handy.

Unto Plan B

As you’ve suspected, our daughter wasn’t able to secure a slot on any MOE schools. It’s quite disheartening to know as a parent can’t do anything about it. What’s worst though is your child’s asking why her classmates got a slot and she didn’t. I also didn’t know they gossip in kindergarten😑. MOE made it clear that appeals won’t entertained when we applied last June. That’s why once we received the email about it, we just quickly look into our other options. Truly, this optimistic parents got too optimistic they have a Plan B 🙄- don’t copy us.

Here’s the options we’ve came up with:

1.Sending our daughter back to the Philippines. This is the typical OFW situation and even I as a child experienced it. With that, it’s our rule as a family that we’ll stay as a pact. This is a BIG NO-NO for us.

2.Being a single income family, we really need to watch over our budgeting carefully. My husband’s company isn’t sponsoring our daughter’s schooling. As said earlier, he’s a Pass holder but not like those of the “Ang Moh” ones. We’re beyond blessed to have a dependent pass under my husband’s employment.

Knowing how steep tuition fees at prominent International Schools here in Singapore are, we didn’t bother inquiring on them, instead crossed them out of our list immediately.

There’s two that we really were initially considering, HFSE International School and Heritage Academy Singapore. Both are actually great schools and bonus to us Filipinos because most teachers are Filipinos as well. It was the cheapest yet still isn’t within the budget we have.

Having both finance related degrees as a couple only means we always get a closer look at all our spendings. A budget is a budget.

3.If there’s a will, there’s a way! We didn’t only look within Singapore. Let’s just say we really took by heart when we did our research online. That’s when we stumbled upon Southville International School and Colleges in the Philippines.

Finding the solution

Nope! Our daughter won’t go back to the Philippines as her school would be virtual. Yes, you read that correctly, our daughter would be doing just like how that circulating photo of Harvard Virtual Classroom.

Harvard Virtual Classroom

Of course it won’t be as complex as Harvard’s but the concept is the same. What’s great is that Southville has been doing the virtual schooling even before the Pandemic. This made it much more lucrative for us. It only means that their system is tried and tested already. Here’s a first video we saw where we learned about Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) Program.

The school also has accreditation by IB World School and Western Association of Schools and Colleges- WASC USA. This is the same accreditation those prominent International Schools here in Singapore have.

This is the best solution given that vaccine for Covid-19 isn’t out yet. Our daughter being able to stay home without compromising her studies is a win-win for us. This virtual schooling is the best solution for our family so far.

It didn’t only allowed us to tick that “within our budget” school. We’re glad to have found the school that could provide our daughter the best education to prepare her for the outside world.

Of course there’s a lot of concerns too at first, especially with my hubby not being convince with homeschooling. What made him change his mind is upon knowing how the school’s system works. They made. it clear that our daughter isn’t going to attend homeschooling but virtual schooling. There’s a big difference between the two.

Another concern is our daughter’s social development which we’re still on the midst of planning how to resolve. Extra-curricular activities where she can mingle and have friends is on our list. Yet, we feel she needs to do some adjustment first in her new schooling set-up and that can wait.

There are other concerns such as too much screen-time which we manage to deal with at an early stage. Luckily our kiddos already know our phone rules so this isn’t such a biggie problem for us.

***I actually wrote this blog post a month ago after we enrolled our daughter. I do not want to mislead any parent who’ll be reading this blog. I’ve waited to see how well our daughter will cope with her new schooling system. I’m glad to say that my daughter adapt fairly well and has just actually finished her Unit Exams! She did great! Not only in grades but really having a grasp of what she’s learning, the last being more important to us.

Happy kiddos

Moreover, our youngest, an upcoming Primary 1 next year can’t wait to enrol as well. She’s starting to be a fully pledge #YoungMonarch even without being in yet.

I hope this helps you and your family if you find yourself in the same situation as ours. Before I forget, this doesn’t only apply to families with children in Singapore but all over the world. My daughter have classmates based in Japan and Dubai as on speaking.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any concerns you think I could be of help.

***This post is not an AD. All information written on this post is based on our personal experience and may differ for others.(I hope not as this has a happy ending🙃)

***Months may differ. The one written here is based on our experience. Check out MOE Website for details.

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