As parents, we always want to give and provide the best of the best for our children. That’s why we work hard right, for their future? However, the reality is, as much as we want our parental instinct to teach our kids what the lessons we have learned from our life, we tend to prepare them for the same life as we have. Confusing and contradicting, you might say with your eyebrows raised. Let me explain.

You work a 9-5 job, travel to and fro for 1-2 hrs, deal with a horrifying boss and get paid just right to pay your bills. Not much for you to enjoy the life that you should be living and wanting. But here’s the catch, isn’t that the same thing you’re teaching your child? To study hard, get good grades, graduate and find a job. Isn’t it?? I know you you’re beginning to get my point.

The next question is, “What can I do?”

I am not telling you to pull out you kids from school, they would still need that as long as live on earth and remain on this society. What you can do though is add financial education on your daily conversation with your kids. Parents are the first teacher of a child after all. Don’t limit your guidance with the usual ABC’s and 123’s. How about add simple Financial literacy concepts. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to teach.

And please don’t be one of those parents who think that money matters are only for adults, let kids play. At a prime age of 4 years old, children are at best to be thought anything as this is when everything is instilled with them.

That’s why this is when they master potty training, using spoon and fork the right way or even doing the “Stop, Look and Listen” when crossing the street. You introduce the principle of discipline and having good manners yet nothing about money.

Is Financial literacy important?

Let’s be honest here. We know that besides air, money makes the world go round. Sadly, that’s non-negotiable whether we have money or not better yet even if we don’t know anything about how money works.

Growing up doesn’t actually focus on knowing what profession or field you’ll be in but it is on how much you can earn. That’s what everyone is looking at and looking forward to see. So, yes, it is important, very important actually.

Why does my kids need to be financial literate?

I do get why some parents are skeptical about this. There’s a few reasons actually and I’ll answer them with why your child will still need it if you want them to have a good life on their own.


You’re rich and your child doesn’t need to know how money works since he/she will have tons when they become an adult. Ever heard of those rich kids who inherit a vast amount but still end up broke? Worst is they are those whose prone to depression and sadly, suicide. Yes, it doesn’t guarantee that your hard earned wealth that will be passed on to your children will remain as it is. Without correct management, in years time, all of it would be gone. And that’s a guarantee.

That’s why you can pinpoint clearly who are those wise rich people by how they raise their children. You may think that they have everything in the world already, then they give in to everything and I mean, every thing, their children wishes. You may be half correct on that. Why so? Because while all the NEEDS are well taken care of, rich people are careful on giving their kids their WANTS.

You’ll be surprised how much more middle-class people splurge on WANTS for their kids compared to the rich. I’m not talking about the price tag of course, but if you try to compute their purchase to their buying power.


They can learn that from school. I can’t even handle my own finances, how do you expect me to teach? Parents usually get conflicted to teach their kids things that they know for themselves they aren’t good at.

Let me ask you, do you have any vice? Smoking or drinking perhaps? Do you tell your kids to smoke and drink or you tell them not to as you know the bad effects if may give them? You’ve attended school for what, 10 years or more? Do you remember being taught how to manage money in school?

Poor and middle class people have this mentality of trying to give the things they once never had especially when it comes to material things. Instead on focusing on preventing their short comings in life and letting their kids from know what the right path is.

If your own finances is hay-wired now, well, then take this advantage to do something about it. You might be hitting two birds with one stone without you knowing. Not only did you ensure you’ll child will grow up knowing more about money and be a living example on how to manage it, but at the same time, you’ll improve your money handling as well. Wouldn’t that be great!


This is the worst of the three, yet the most common parents do without them knowing. How many times have you heard people say, I am poor. Not only are they showering themselves with bad vibes but their children are growing up with that instilled on their mind as well.

Being poor doesn’t mean you don’t need financial literacy, that’s actually when you need it more. How many rags to riches stories have you heard of? Don’t they inspire you? What do you think did they do for them to achieve that success? It isn’t because they came up with a great idea. Great ideas can be made by everyone.

Maybe luck? You can say that but how can you feel lucky when you surround yourself with unlucky thoughts? The Law of Attraction works whether it’s good or bad, so choose wisely.

Here’s what those people did, first, they worked on their idea. They did something about it. Once they earned something, they managed it wisely for it to flourish even more. That’s what financial literacy is all about!

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