Are your perishable goods almost finished by now? Starting to thinking on how to ration those canned goods you’ve stocked up on your pantry? I’m sure you’re next question in mind is what meals you can prepare with them.

Here are some delicious meals you can serve your family using the most common canned goods I’m sure is in your pantry:


Spam Musubi

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Surprise your family with this Hawaiian snack! You can have snack for lunch or dinner, ain’t you? With staple ingredients such as rice and sugar and sauces such as vinegar, oyster sauce and soy sauce, I’m sure this would be easy-peasy for you! Hopefully you’ve got some nori hidden there to complete this recipe!

Spam Donburi

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I’m sure you’ve impressed your family with your SPAM Musubi that got them asking for more. So why not go up and beyond with this next recipe. I’m sure not all of you (that includes me =)) have mirin and sake, so just do as I do, disregard those sauces.haha. There’s no harm on experimenting=) Anyway, soy sauce and sugar combined will do the trick. Add the scrambled egg with spam and onion and….BAM!

SPAM Fried Rice

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The classic. Who doesn’t love fried rice? Especially with SPAM? Do you know why I love this recipe? Well, it’s because you can add about everything on it. Make it colorful as much as you like! Main ingredient for this is rice and salt so I don’t think a straight forward recipe is needed for this =)

How about some seafood? Tuna?! Oh yes!


Tuna Croquette

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One of my family’s favorite tuna dish is tuna croquette. Aside from the crunchiness which the kids love, it’s also easy to do and uses only 7 ingredients. Take note that includes salt and pepper already! Come to think of it…tuna, flour, breadcrumbs, egg, salt, pepper and oil for frying. Just mix those ingredients together and shape it to a round cylinder like those in the photo then fry. By the way, you can use canned salmon for this too.

Tuna pasta

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Whether you like it plain or spicy, this dish will give you breath from eating too much rice. You can play around with the noodles/pasta and add some greens to make it more entertaining for kids.

Tuna Pie

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If you’ve been to any Jollibee, this is one of their famous pies. In times like this when you can’t just go out and be craving for one, why not recreate for snack time? Note that this pie isn’t like those western ones which are in a dip-dish pie pan. This version looks more like an empanada (a finger food)

I’ll try to add more to this list. Recipe’s for each dish is linked.

I hope you like this recipes =) Please leave a comment below as I would love to know your thoughts on them.

Remember to stay at home as much as possible during this Pandemic virus time. By doing this, we are already helping pour society.

God bless everyone and enjoy cooking!



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