Career woman to SAHM

June 3,

Stay at Home Mom or what is commonly called nowadays, SAHM. This is my current occupation.

Was it your dream to be a SAHM?

Oh! That’s a quick NO!

Have you ever thought of being a SAHM?

Not in a million years! I used to say “You won’t catch me alive being a housewife”

What made you switch careers?

Circumstance, time, and parenthood. Trust me, your outlook on life changes a million times over.

Are you happy being a SAHM?


In this generation, I consider myself absolutely blessed to be a SAHM. The old times’ norm where women stay at home becomes a privilege nowadays.

It’s not that I don’t have a dream career-wise. I started working straight after college graduation. Just like the majority of people on earth, I get caught up with the rat race too. I love the office environment and the perks it comes with like those friendships you build with colleagues and despise all those dreadful deadlines and irritating bosses.

It isn’t a hidden truth that finances are one of the reasons that changed society and brought women to the workforce. If one is given a chance for that aspect in life ironed-out, why not be there for your growing child on their prime years?

Was it an easy shift?

Well, no! I’m on my feet almost all the time. Those washing of butts, scrubbing bathrooms, and cooking all day (which I love) are on my daily agenda. It’s tiring, at times.


Oh, yeah! Having the opportunity to stay at home and watch my daughters grow-up and be able to guide them in their prime years. Isn’t that a blessing already?!

Plus having a supportive hubby who supports every new hobby I wanted to venture (now is blogging, I hope you support me too *wink*).

Would I encourage other young mothers to be a SAHM?

Yes! If you’re able to sort financially with your hubby and it permits you. I included your hubby’s permission as this is a family decision.

Your housework and his office job exhaustion would be on a different level on some days. It’s important that you’re on the same page on this.

To forgo your corporate dreams isn’t easy. Mentally prepare for it. You don’t want to have any setbacks on this.

Too much to do, not much time?

If there’s one thing you should have mastered in the corporate world, that would be time-management. Isn’t it?! With all those deadlines. Thank God, I don’t have deadlines nowadays!


Being a SAHM doesn’t mean you are just a homemaker. You are given the liberty to do things without anyone bossing you around. (unless you let your kids boss you around, that’s a different story)

Here are my TIPS on those career-women planning to become a SAHM:

1. Follow your instincts

QUIT that job if you feel that your children would need the guidance they need. Make sure your hubby agrees and finances allows. Don’t let the society dictate that you should have a job or you’ll end up useless.

2. Gender equality and women empowerment isn’t in stake

Isn’t it a great sacrifice already on your part to leave your corporate dream to raise the next generation? Isn’t that enough for you to feel empowered?

Gender equality? Aren’t you working as well? Your working environment is just different. Your monetary salary is exchanged with hugs and kisses.

3. No time to finish things

I bet you won’t have time if you don’t find time for things you want to do. Work on a checklist and do things in sync.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. What’s the deal if your laundry basket is too full and you haven’t have time to do laundry today? Do it tomorrow! I’m not saying to leave your home messy, my point is not to feel stressed over things. At your own home, you are the boss.

4. Boredom

This is actually one of the things I was expecting. You’ll learn to discover things about yourself. Your kids might teach you things you never knew you know.

Just to share, I’ve gone back to painting and am learning to play the piano and am getting better in baking bread, to name a few. haha

5. Exhausted

Like any other jobs, one could feel this if you don’t have any outlet to outburst that tiredness. At times, not even resting can help. Find time for yourself.

It is important you have your hubby’s back on this. I get the bathroom every Saturday night to myself for any amount of time I want. Well, that’s 2 hours max for me, I feel like being flushed in the toilet already.

Taking care of our children isn’t a low-class job. It’s a liberating thing to do actually. Having the time on your hands, who wouldn’t like that. Being able to guide your children the way you want them to grow.

Teach them the values you want to instill in them. This is one priceless gift only you and your hubby can give them.

It is important you have a great support system in this new journey of your life. There may be times that you feel worthless. That what you’re giving isn’t enough.

A great outlook in life is essential and your goal must be very clear. If others can do it, why can’t you?!

Believe in yourself! If that’s not enough, without thinking twice, write a comment below. I’m here to hear you!

Your MommyWithAGoal,


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