And so we’re back to starting over again to making it a habit to blog. It’s almost 2 months before year end so let’s get this things rollin’….

What am I up to?

Japan travel blogs would be coming up very soon.

just arrived at Narita Airport

Last September, we went to Japan for school holidays. We went to Yokohama (our home-base, where my father lives…free accommodation, why not?!), a bit of Tokyo, Hiroshima at Kyoto. That was a very tiring, special, exciting 2 weeks for us.


Part 1- Japan here we come, again!!!

Part 2 – Street food in Japan – Tsukiji (outer) Market

2019 Halloween at Woodgrove

We’ve been going to this place for Halloween for the past 5 years. The only difference? Kiddos got to decide what costume to wear and I DIY it…yey!!!

Jeff’s 36th Birthday

dinner at Tim Ho Wan

Oh I love birthdays. It’s a celebration of life and gift of life. Why shy how old you are? It’s an indication of how much God loves you and how many years He’s been blessing you with life, right? This year, I’ve managed to bake him a Naked Carrot Cake. yum! Will be sharing with you the recipe. We had dinner at Tim Ho Wan….oh I want pork buns!

School Holiday Plans

Oh gosh! It’s coming so fast! As much as I love the kids at home, them staying at home the whole day is a different story, especially now that I’m a SAHM. That calls for tons of activities. If you’re a mother, you’ll know this. Playing barbie won’t last an hour for your 4 year old. Next thing you know, she’ll be whining that she’s bored already. And if you’re a mom like me who doesn’t want their kids to be watching TV/ using gadgets 24/7, then we should be armed and prepared for activities in and out of our house. Let me share with you our school holiday plans.

So that’s it. A bit of summary of what you’re about to hear from me in the next days. Hope to hear from you soon fellow mommies =)

xoxo, Jeannine

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