Glad you swing by my page! Truth be told, as a mother, we actually wanted to have that model-like body. What we all want to achieve is a healthy relationship with food, feel great with your body that’s able and functional whenever you need it and be able to look at yourself in the mirror with pride and joy, isn’t it?

We’re in our time in our life where we start feeling some signs of aging yet we have an energetic son/daughter to attend to.

We’re at the time in our life where we start realising that what used to be our habitual eating out isn’t healthy and wanted to start to learn how to go around in the kitchen with a healthy meal plan to serve our family.

We’re at the time in our life where you admit to yourself that change needs to be done to your unhealthy lifestyle as there’s a little one looking up to you as their model and hero.

That’s when you realise change needs to be done….BUT….WHERE TO START???

Hi there confused momma! I’m Jeannine! A previously confused mom too who had the same realisation as what you’re having today and had found a way to solve those problems.

Nope! I don’t have a model-like body! BUT I have a body I love looking at the mirror at and can run/jump with my daughters who had endless energy and still be able to carry them if they needed they feel tired to walk (whenever the need arises)

Nope! I do not have any culinary degree to be that great in the kitchen. In fact I’m a Financial Management degree holder so you can also bet that I make sure we’re on our budget despite having those healthy stuff in our grocery list. Heck! Why does being healthy need to be that expensive, right?

Nope! I / we as a family didn’t have a healthy lifestyle before we had kids and neither did we even when we had them already. In fact, it’s only a couple of years ago when the kids started growing and come up with all the WHYs in the world. Why do we need to eat this and that? Why do we need to do this or that? Sounds familiar??? Hang in there momma….I’m about to graduate that stage already yet I still feel defeated by all those Whys until now. So don’t worry if you can’t answer all of them. TIP: When in doubt, grab your phone and (whispering) ask Google!