About Mommy With A Goal

I’m Jeannine! Together with my hubby, we enjoy living in this beautiful and “expensive” city with our two adorable daughters. After working here in Singapore for 9 years, by God’s grace, I’ve changed my career to be a SAHM. 
Living in this Singapore is such as amazing experience. Until now we’re still in awe at how they’re able to provide beautiful parks that you can freely explore. That’s one of the perks why we love it here and not to mention “safety”. As a mother, I’m at peace even if I lose sight of my daughters running around in the mall or at the park.
The privilege of safety and better life comes with its consequences too. Living off in a one income as a family of four ain’t easy. It has its challenges but as what we usually say, as long as we’re together, everything will be okay.
Most career-mothers who change career to be a SAHM somehow lose their sense of purpose. I told myself that I ain’t gonna let that happen to me. So here I am, 2 years down the road of being an SAHM knowing I’ve got everything under control already. I’m trying to voice out what’s in my head and hopefully, somehow help or enlighten other moms out there that our role is important. Not only for our family but for the future of everyone. 
As an old saying in the Philippines goes, “Ina, law ng tahanan” which means “Mother, light of the house”. Being the light means your positivity resonates from within. 


I’m here to share my knowledge on the importance of Financial Education. As we go along, you’ll learn that not everything is included on any curriculum of education system for some reason. Let’s not let our children and the generations to come to be uneducated on this matter.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
We all know that mothers are the most giving and faithful people in the world. Let’s not lose our faith on the next generation.
Everyone in earth is born from a mother. I’ve come to realise that we somehow still have a chance to change the world if change starts from us. Since we’re the first teacher of our children, why not start from us. They may not be taught outside our homes but through us, they can bring light to the outside world as well.
I’d be very happy already if I’d be able to shine some light on at least 10 moms out there. Pretty much those 10 moms would have a child or two. Do the math.
Join me on learning more about Financial Education for ourselves and how to teach to our children, live in an expensive city (hello budget tips) and maybe learn how to cook and bake as well. If that’s not even enough (and I have more time) some travel will be included.
Mommy With A Goals is committed to help fill the gaps to ensure parents can start to instil healthy financial habits and mindset to raise a well-balanced child whose ready for the real world.