More and more parents realise each day how our current education system really falls short in preparing our children with the financial knowledge they need to be able to function as self-sufficient, well-balanced adults.

That’s why we’re here!!!


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Hi! My name is Jeannine, the founder of Mommy With A Goal. Do you know that children as young as 4 years old are great in grasping and learning anything they’re introduced to? That’s why parents are very eager to have their children exposed to different sports and clubs as much as they can afford.

Unfortunately, like our current education system, our society seems to lack resources where FINANCIAL EDUCATION is taught to kids. Even in this modern society, how money works is still considered as an adult thing. I knew this gap in the market wasn’t just our a problem but for a lot of families. 

I decided to make it my mission to help parents be confident in teaching their children about money. It is important that we exposed our children to early childhood financial literacy for them to benefit more rather than them learning about it when they’re older. As they say, start them young!